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Jeff Aronin Paragon Founder, Chairman and CEO

Jeff Aronin - Paragon Founder, Chairman and CEO

Jeff Aronin is a bioscience entrepreneur who built and has sold several successful biotech companies. He has earned a record number of novel drug approvals that improve the lives of patients and is known for innovating, developing and commercializing scientific discoveries in areas of high need, such as neurology.

In 2017, Jeff founded Paragon Biosciences, where he is chairman and chief executive officer. Paragon is among the life science industry’s most successful company creators, investing billions with its partners to build companies that focus on cell and gene therapy, biology engineering and advanced biotech businesses.

Paragon’s current portfolio of companies includes Harmony Biosciences (NASDAQ: HRMY), Castle Creek Biosciences, CiRC Biosciences, Emalex Biosciences, Evozyne and several early-stage businesses.

Jeff serves on corporate and civic boards including Discover Financial Services, The Aspen Institute and the Weizmann Institute of Science and is a member of The Commercial Club of Chicago.