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Jay White

Jay White, Ph.D. – Vice President, Chemistry, Manufacturing and Controls (CMC)

Jay White serves as the Vice President of Chemistry, Manufacturing and Controls (CMC) at Emalex Biosciences. He oversees all aspects of drug substance and drug product research and development.

Dr. White has over 20 years of experience in pharmaceutical product development, including CMC and non-clinical activities. Previously, he served as Vice President, Product Development at OPKO Health Inc., Renal Division. Prior to that, Dr. White held various positions at Cytochroma Inc. over a 16-year period, including Vice President, Product Development and Vice President, Operations. During his tenure at Cytochroma and OPKO Health, Dr. White oversaw all aspects of the CMC and non-clinical programs for Rayaldee® extended-release capsules, which were approved by the FDA in 2016 for treatment of Secondary-Hyperparathyroidism in Stage 3 & 4 Chronic Kidney disease patients with Vitamin D deficiency.

Dr. White holds a B.Sc. in Biology from McMaster University and earned his Ph.D. in Pathology from Queen’s University.